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Basic Care Special Light Set 8pcs

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Laneige Basic Care Special Light Set 8pcs
Basic Care Special Set Light:
1. Essential Balancing Skin Refiner - Light (200ml+15ml)
2. Essential Balancing Emulsion - Light (120ml+15ml)
3. Water Bank Hydro Essence (70ml+5ml)
4. Water Bank Hydro Cream Ex (10ml)
5. Water Sleeping Mask Ex (15ml)

1.   Laneige Essential Balancing Skin Refiner – Light (200ml+15ml)
The matte-type emulsion evenly restores moisture balance in skin that feels dry inside and looks shiny outside Light – “Essential Balancing Skin Emulsion_Light EX” for oily and combination skin
Refreshing moisture care for skin that looks shiny and dull outside and feels dry inside Light type to make skin moisturized inside and matte outside
1. The matte-type emulsion is absorbed fast into shiny, dry skin without any sticky feel.
2. Laneige Water Balancing Activator restores skin’s moisture balance and keeps skin moisturized by preventing loss of moisture.
3. Its ingredient of oil-absorbing powder controls excessive sebum. Hyacinth water, which strengthens skin, keeps skin moisturized inside and refreshed outside by protecting skin.
1 . Use after using toner in the morning and at night. Take an appropriate amount (diameter 1.5cm/0.4ml).
2. Gently apply on the face in the direction of skin texture, starting from the inside of the face and working outward. Lightly pat to promote absorption into skin.

2. Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion - Light (120ml+15ml)
- A matte-type face emulsion
- It restores moisture balance in skin
- Keep skin shiny and moisturized

Solution for
- Balancing
- Dullness
- Loss of radiance
- Moisturized

Suitable for normal, combination and oily skin
Use twice a day in the morning and evening
2. Apply to face after cleansing and toning
3. Take an appropriate amountskin.

3. Water Bank Hydro Essence (70ml+5ml)
Non-drying moisture formulaGreen mineral water extracted from kale, garden cress, and beetroot makes the skin look clear and moisturized.
NEW Water Bank Hydro Essence1. Green mineral water extracted with ocean blue processing methodGreen mineral water extracted from vegetable helps charge the skin with moisture.
2. Moisture bomb, water splash The water splash that bursts moisture upon application on the skin provides non-drying moisture.
3. Tight moisture locking, water zipper effectS kin’s water zipper prevents the evaporation of moisture through tight locking.
Use after applying toner or lotion. Dispense 2-3 pumps and apply on the cheeks, forehead, and chin in the following way.
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