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Hair Care


Equalising Shampoo 500ml


- A balancing formulation of astringent botanicals shampoo with camphorous, herbaceous and fresh aroma- It assists to remove excess oil- Keeps hair shineSuitable for oily scalpsUsage1. Wet hair thoroughly2. Pour the shampoo into hands3. Gently massage...

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Colored Hair Shampoo 500ml


- Flax Seed & Macadamia Oil- Colour Lasting & Care- Specifically for cleansing colored hair.- Vitamins A, B and E contained in coconut, macadamia and argan oil, in addition to silk proteins, provide protection against free radicals and maximum hydration...

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Frequent Use Shampoo 500ml


- Frequent shampoo for normal hair and scalp- Delicate shampoo suitable for daily cleansing of all kind of hair and scalp.- Coconut, macadamia, olive and argan oils, stimulate capillary growth, while adequate hydration is guaranteed by the guar gum.-...

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Nourishing Conditioner 500ml


- Keratin, Goji Berries & Argan Oil- Restoring & Frizz Fighting Action- Very stressed hair, frizzy hair- Ylang ylang and goji ensure nourishment and protection against of external agents aggression.- The hair is hydrated and restored thanks to keratin...


Hair Cleansing Treatment 250ml


The West Indian gooseberry, green beans and other ingredients will make you all year round due to hair color, perm and restore damaged hair disheveled healthy natural moisturizing.Red ginseng SAPONIN delicate components will generate rich foam, deep...