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Deesse's MU4+ Hair Treatment 9g x4


- A home hair treatment- Quickly penetrates the damage hair - Supple the oil and moisture inside the hair coreSolution for- Dryness- DullnessMU4+ suitable for hard, rough or moderately damaged hairUsage1. Four ampules to be used once a week for 4 weeks2...

Mise En Scene

Damage Care Perfect Repair Serum 70ml


- A miracle oil serum for hair repair - Enriches with argan oil, royal jelly and rose water to boosts nutrient deep into hair- Leaves hair smooth and shinyUsageNon-rinse after useIngredientsDamage Cure ComplexTM and 7X Oil CocktailsTM consisting of...


Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask 180g


- Shiseido Tsubaki hair mask - It fills up damaged hair tips with beauty ingredients- Creates finest hair quality similar to beauty salon hair treatment- Keeps hair in excellent damage repair and moisturizing effectCountry of Origin: JapanUsage1. Use ...