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Brilliant Gold Toner 140ml


- A skin toner with gold ingredient- It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines- Keeps skin firm, nourish and moistureSolution for- Anti-aging- Fine lines and wrinkles- Firming- Loss of radiance- Dullness- Hydration- Moisture- Uneven textureUsage1. Use...


Exage Pure White Milk II 200g


- A milky lotion with whitening- Helps to reduce existing dark spots- Improve the skin translucent - Leaves skin moisturized and maintain the moisture leave of balanceSuitable for normal skinUsage1. Use twice a day int he morning and evening2. Apply on...


Men Line-Control Eye Balm 20ml


- An early lines and wrinkle eye balm for men- It hold the lines on wrinkles and crow feet- Keeps eye contours firm and lift- Helps to reduce dark circles and puffinessSuitable for all skin typesTexture: CreamUsage1. Use twice a day in the morning and...